EULAs Wanted

I am looking for online copies of the EULAs which came with Microsoft Visual Studio 6, and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, specifically the parts which deal with redistributing bits of it such as the C runtimes (MSVC6.dll, MSVC70.dll etc.). I can find several things on the web which might be it, but I can’t be certain. Therefore, someone who owns a copy of Visual Studio needs to do the search and to confirm that the paper or electronic copy they got with it matches the URL they are giving to me :-)

If anyone has a copy of either of these two bits of software, I’d be very grateful if they’d do some Googling and try and find a match.

Update: if someone could also give me or point me to a definitive list of all recent and known future MS Visual Studio/C++ versions, with all their possible names and version numbers, that would also be very helpful.

13 thoughts on “EULAs Wanted

  1. I have the CD set and original paper copy of the VC++ pro 6.0 EULA

    Any section specifically you want to have compared to a certain online version?

  2. b3virq3b: great – thanks :-) Having read those, it would now be great to get the “redist.txt” file from Visual Studio 6. Could you supply that?

  3. smartcat99s: according to GeoCities, you’ve exceeded your data transfer limit :-( Can you email me the files?