Explosions in London

There were at least four terrorist explosions this morning in London, mostly at Underground stations but at least one on a bus. Casualty numbers are unknown at this time. The London transportation system has been shut down. It is likely that these attacks were timed to coincide with the start of the G8 Summit at Gleneagles.

17 thoughts on “Explosions in London

  1. Im based in London and its all fucked up at the moment.

    Alot of mobile communication lines in London have been shut down to prevent any potential terrorists communicating and assisting them in setting off any more bombs.

    Explosive devices were confirmed in one area so it seems very likely that the other explosions were also caused by bombs.

    There were 4 double decker buses (FULL) of injured people covered in blood and some were just black as if they had been covered in soot.

    This is typical 1 day after London winning the Olympic 2012 bid and the day of the G8 summit.

    Thoughts and prayers to all the victims families.

    Mark McDonnell

  2. Gerv: Glad to hear you’re okay. BBC reports ‘more than 100 casualties’, but ‘only’ two deaths. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky for that.

    I’m in London too. Luckily Waterloo is still open, so I should be able to make it home tonight.

    On phones: our company uses Vodafone phones, and we received the following network update from Vodafone a few hours ago: “The news networks have been reporting that Vodafone have shut down the network to ordinary users in the London area because of the incidents reported this morning. This is NOT the case, although customers will be experiencing severe congestion in the London area. However, Met Police have asked us to invoke ACOLC* in one base station in the Kings cross area, and this should be switched on imminently. *ACOLC = Access Overload Control which restricts the network to emergency services only.”

    In short: lots of confusion. Exactly as intended, I’m sure.

  3. Gerv: I am praying fervently for the people of London, the victims and their families, and Prime Minister Blair and the rest of the Government. This was a purely evil act committed by evil people with evil intentions, and my heart and thoughts are with London.

  4. now reported to be 45 dead, it was terrorist, in responce for iraq

  5. It is absolutely crucial on a day like this to remember that Islam is a great and peaceful religion. And that way fewer than .1% of Muslims are terrorists.

    We cannot allow right-wingers to seize the opportunity to denigrate diversity. In an act of solidarity, Tony Blair should immediately propose to increase Muslim immigration into the UK.

    Through love and understanding of all peoples we will one day have our peace. Let us pray that our British brothers and sisters will not seek retribution.

  6. At the risk of sounding like a jerk… I wonder how Gerv will parlay this into another diatribe about how Bush and the evil American voters could have prevented this if we’d only 1) toned down our imperialistic bent, 2) stopped buying large screen TV’s and 3) sent more money to impoverished nations.

  7. Daniel: those who actually execute such attacks are not going to be dissuaded by us helping out impoverished nations more; however, the foreign policies of the US and the UK certainly have an effect on how much popular support (and therefore shelter, assistance and funding) such groups receive in the Middle East and other places.

  8. In prayers for the UK, and excited to be going there in a month to hopefully be an encouragement to the people :)

  9. Daniel Beckham: “I wonder how Gerv will parlay this into another diatribe about how Bush and the evil American voters could have prevented this”

    It is Bush who actually organised all of this. There is so much for him at stake at the G8-conference, that he organised the CIA to do a secret attack, just for the sake of distraction, and having a good way out of it.

  10. For those who aren’t privy to the the latest details:

    • Scotland Yard has confirmed that 37 people have died.
    • Scotland Yard had also reported 700 casualties.
    • The “Secret Organization group of al Qaeda Organization in Europe” has unverifably claimed responsibility for the attacks.
    • The London bus and tube (subway) system has been closed.

    Interested Americans should tune in to BBC America if they get it or alternatively CNN.

  11. “It is absolutely crucial on a day like this to remember that Islam is a great and peaceful religion.”

    I feel no need to do this whatsoever.

    “We cannot allow right-wingers to seize the opportunity to denigrate diversity.”

    Diversity is it’s own denigration. Ask any Muslim leader how they like diversity. Sharia itself is designed to treat non-conformists as second-class citizens. Part of the reason is because _diversity_is_divisive_. Cultural and linguistic barriers that are allowed to persist as obstacles to “assimilation” in the name of “multi-culturalism” and “celebrating diversity” /will/ eventually divide communities and nations. No, it’s not the ideal outcome but it is the reality.

  12. I would warn that right wingers will use this opportunity to constrict the rights of the citizens in the name of combatting terrorism. I pray that people will respond with the human qualities that make the human race great (love and understanding) instead of those that bring us down (hatred and fear).

  13. Great Britain has to do something with muslims inmediately. Quran favors violence, and wherever there are muslims violence will increase. There are more muslims than methodist in London, and this is the price they are paying for that increase.

  14. Hugo: oh, yeah, let�s put all non-white christian UK residents (in particular if they are muslim) out of the country! They are inherently violent and murder children! You�re that kind of person, are you?

  15. Unfortunately, as we watched the twin towers fall again and again on our screens I reached the horrible conclusion that Bush, or whoever is actually controlling this empty headed cowboy, had either knowingly allowed terrorists to carry out their dreams or had deliberately organized or encouraged this madness.

    In my mind and the mind of Ken Livingston (Mayor of London), the senseless bombing of London is an act of deliberate mass murder.

    This is mass murder that I believe was carefully organized by agents, paid assassins or even military personnel who are in the pay of what I call the Bush-Blair project.

    It no longer maters to me if Blair is aware of the insane plans and intentions of the current American administration. What is certain is that in the so called west, we have lost sight of democracy.

    The Bush-Blair project must be stopped because they are guilty of mass murder. We will not forget that they sent troops to murder the people of Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction.