Euro OSCON Registration

It’s the last day for “early bird” registration at Euro OSCON – a saving of 170EUR. If you go, you’ll find Axel and I there, and perhaps some other European Mozilla people as well. Axel is giving a talk on “Mozilla as a Development Platform“. Oddly, he’s on the Linux track – perhaps because they didn’t have a more suitable one.

Personally, I think it’s unfortunate that the conference fee is so high, even with the discount, but I can only assume that it reflects the true cost of putting it on. I’m looking forward to the next FOSDEM, though :-)

4 thoughts on “Euro OSCON Registration

  1. The cost is what is keeping me away. �400, even with the early bird and student discounts, is a lot of money and that’s even before flights and accommodation :(

    We need more conferences like Open Tech – only �5 entry.