Mugs Wanted

One important component of phishing scams are “mules” – people who accept transfers from hijacked accounts and export the money abroad, either by further bank transfers or by going to the ATM and then slipping wads of cash into brown envelopes. Such people are often recruited by spam or websites offering job opportunities – “Work From Home”, “A Few Hours A Week”, “Lucrative Rewards”, “Financial Managers Wanted” etc.

I recently received an email in this vein:

Hello! I am Simon Nicolas, a general manager of international company IFSD Inc. ( and I have a favorable offer for you.

Now it is a little about our company. We are engaged the organization of plans of reception of payments for private persons and the companies. Our services are demanded by those who has requirement to accept remittances from clients in other countries.

Our company conducts wide international activity; we work with the organizations and private persons from the various countries worldwide. Our activity constantly extends, we enter new services, we expand staff of employees we open representations of the company in the territory of the various countries.

In connection with constant expansion of our international activity we feel necessity of new employees in the territories of the various countries. Now we have announced a set of employees on a post “the Regional Financial Manager”.

Working on this post, our colleagues produce work with the bank transfers and the checks. Our clients are private persons and the companies of the different countries and for simplification of remittances we use our Regional Financial managers.

The functions of the Regional Financial Manager:
– reception of bank payments on a bank account
– transfer of money resources to our representatives in other countries

The scheme of work is those: the Regional Financial Manager receives money resources and informs us on this. We in turn at once enroll the necessary sum on the account of our client. It allows you to save a lot of time – now the client does not need to wait for reception of money from abroad. As such scheme allows you to save money. From the sum of each transaction lead through you our company pays 5 %.

The basic requirements:
– age of 21-60 years
– access to the Internet, e-mail
– opportunity to work not less than 3 hours per day

It is your really favorably chance to earn!
Start to work right now! For the beginning with us you need to fill works only labour agreement

Best regards,
Simon Nicolas.

However, what amazed me most was the quality of the website. It’s a very slick Flash-based number. I would almost think this was a real international organisation, if the slightly dodgy English and over-vagueness didn’t give it away. And despite saying their main office is in Miami (and even giving phone numbers, which are probably redirected or VoIP or somesuch), the WHOIS info for the domain has it registered with a Fastmail email address to a PO Box in Amsterdam. Phishers get more slick every day.

Their employee login (“Account” link, top right) has a “register” option! If anyone wants to register, have a poke around and let us know what they find, that might be quite interesting :-)

5 thoughts on “Mugs Wanted

  1. Well, I would, but websites like trhat dont hang around long, well not at the same domain name anyway hm, maby they are just suffering some servace outaage, how unprofessional ;-)

  2. i am a cameroonian of age 21 i read you information and am interested but if i may ask should i fill an aplication and send to you and ill like to know how do i be on line with you

  3. They also have and you can find the exact same site there.

    It’s a money laundering scam site, also known as a “mule scam”, not primarily phishing. What you do as an “employee” is receive money that some criminal has obtained through eBay fraud, phishing or similar and send it on anonymously usually by Western Union to the criminals.
    When the police come looking for the money you’re screwed.