8 thoughts on “Microsoft VP Plugs Open Office

  1. It’s not really a plug, but he’s saying that nobody has to jump through hoops to get it – yet they still don’t use it. Pretty snarky comment really.

  2. A typical out-of-context extract from a news story designed to project one’s religious beliefs. tsk…tsk…

  3. ” yet they still don’t use it


    I know people use Open Office, I was stating things from the opinion of the Microsoft VP. He was clearly saying that even though OOo is completley free and all you need to do is go to the website, it’s usage is still very low. He’s basically taking a stab at the whole free/OSS pardagim and OOo itself.

    The VP, through words is still saying that “hey your software is free, but people still buy and use office because we’re better” – you can clearly see how arrogant he is, *not me* :|

  4. That’s still somewhat out of context – he was saying that the fact that Google has talked about some kind of collaboration with Sun (which seems so far to involve Google’s toolbar being available from Sun’s website) is not going to lead to a revolution in usage of OpenOffice. The Register (and other reports) said the same thing about the news.

    Whatever happened to Google’s Firefox-based browser anyway?

  5. “Whatever happened to Google’s Firefox-based browser anyway?”

    It’s still doing the rounds as a rumour. Google will start working on it as soon as someone hands it back to them.