8 thoughts on “The Future For British Geeks (2)

  1. FTA: “It is dangerous for individuals to play with these kind of things.”

    I’m left wondering who’s actually the bigger threat to society here, the user or the other lot that had him arrested.

  2. …. he donated and he tried to exploit their website , found out it was secure and did nothing else , i presume if he found it worked he would of reported it.

    I dont see whats wrong here HE DID NOTHING.

    dodgy people they only are charging him so it seems like they are cracking down on “hackers”

  3. Or, alternatively, typing “../../../” into your URL bar, then lying to the police about what you’ve done is a criminal offence…

  4. @Ben Lings: I didn’t see anything in the article about him lying to the police. Certainly that would have been a criminal offence, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what he was prosecuted for…

    Next Apple will be prosecuted because Safari didn’t block the use of the “illegal” string in the URL bar. *sigh*

  5. Some have questioned the Met’s claim that the verdict, “sends a reassuring message to the general public”. One reader said, “the message it sends to the public is that the Met are inhumane and without compassion. They should have exercised discretion and better judgement.”

    Well, they didn’t shoot him in the head this time, so it is slightly reassuring :-/

  6. first it was just because he was using a text browser, now it’s that he was testing the site.

    Is it so improbable to believe that maybe he was proved to have been attempting to hack the site and has tried multiple excuses to cloud the issue?