Bigger Than Sony? visitors have placed Firefox eighth in their list of “brands which had the most impact in 2005” – bigger than Sony, bigger than Coke. SpreadFirefox crew, give yourselves a pat on the back. You did that.

(And now you know why we have fairly strict trademark policies :-)

6 thoughts on “Bigger Than Sony?

  1. Huh. Firefox is up there globally, but not in the US/Canada section. But still, that’s awesome. Go Firefox!

    I wonder where it’ll be next year? I dunno, I’m not sure it’ll improve. During 2005, Firefox was a Big New Thing. In 2006, there’ll just be a new version of an existing product already on the scene, not a whole new product bursting onto the scene. But still, being up there with the likes of Sony and Yahoo! and eBay and Nokia for 2005 is spectacular.

    (Why the heck is everything on that page an image?)

  2. Dave: Ohh. I didn’t check the “all results” links. Okay. Cool. I would’ve thought it would be higher in the U.S. than globally, since it’s mainly en-US. (There are the other good localizations, but I don’t know of any official localized documentation or support, other than the built-in Help, I guess.)

  3. I think you’d get more out of your trademark policy if it would deal with things like bug 206885 (, which are genuinely trying to be deceiving, than if it were so stringent in disallowing the use of trademark logos in Linux distros, which are genuinely trying to represent Mozilla at its best.

  4. Brand matters (IE7, Skype, Vonage, Mozilla)

    In branding news: IE7 is out in Beta 2 and I’m impatiently waiting for the first road tests. (Roight… as if I have a Microsoft platform around here…) Readers will recall that Microsoft took the first steps along the branded security path by putting…