News Is Done

The new newsgroups move is complete*! Wahey! Thanks very much to Giganews for hosting the new groups, and Dave Miller and his team for doing all the hard migration work. Hopefully now we can stop worrying about the newsgroups and start using them as a communication tool! I would encourage developers to join the appropriate groups, and be vocal about anything (off-topic conversation, spam…) which prevents them from being a useful communication channel within that part of the community.

Dave is now off on a well-earned break until the end of the month. Any issues with the new groups should be filed in Bugzilla in the normal way (product:, component: Server Operations).

* (OK, there are a couple of loose ends. netscape.public.mozilla.announce hasn’t migrated yet, as we want to do it silently with minimal disturbance, so the thousands of subscribers to the mailing list half don’t get unnecessary admin notices. And we’ve taken down the web-developer groups for the moment, pending discussion with the MDC crew about how exactly they want to do discussion in their new world.)

Update: OK, that loose end might be looser than I imagined. More feedback on the new hierarchy is still coming in, from people who couldn’t quite believe it was actually happening and so didn’t say anything earlier. There may be a few more changes still to make. Watch this space.

One thought on “News Is Done

  1. Awesome, thanks to everyone who helped sort it out =D

    The main issue in my opinion is that Thunderbird doesn’t do newsgroups all that well… The unread message count keeps lying, the offline settings don’t work, and it occasionally crashes when opening new threads. I’ll hopefully file bugs (or find the existing ones) today. The server is sorted out, would be nice if Mozilla’s newsreader worked really well with it :)