More Times Articles

While I have been away, two more Times articles in the Our Man From Mozilla series have been published:

  • 6th April: “All a matter of trust” discusses how browser makers can adapt their products, and users their habits, to help users defend themselves against phishing.
  • 18th April: “Remixing the web” highlights recent advances which allow users to customise sites to their own preferences, whether the owners like it or not.

A full list is available.

5 thoughts on “More Times Articles

  1. I think you’ve been very kind to Odeon. The current site, even with plain text film times, would have been in the top 10 worst sites 10 years ago (in fact I think it was…). Even in Internet Explorer the site is appalling.

    Maybe the new site will be better, but I very much doubt it with the public slating the old site has had and the lack of change that it has resulted int.

  2. I could be mistaken, but I think the Times article on “Remixing the web” has some borked linked in it.

    “More recently, both the desire and ability to remix have been fired by a Firefox extension called”
    It’s my guess that was meant to read, “a Firefox extension called __Greasemonkey__” (__link__ ->

    “Each set of changes Greasemonkey can make is controlled by user script, which it runs automatically whenever you visit the script’s target site.”
    I might expect “is controlled by a __user_script__, which …” (__link__ ->, though that one might be in the air. At the very least, I’d expect the article ‘a’ to be present, but to the pedant in me, a user script can come from anywhere… is just the most convenient repository.

    Otherwise, a great article! :)

  3. John Silvestri: Thanks; I’ve forwarded your note to my editor, and asked him to fix it. :-)