Operation 2

[So, it seems that when you put something into Post Status: Scheduled in Moveable Type, despite the fact that it puts a big yellow box around the “Authored On” date, and despite the fact that the icon in the entry list is now a little clock, it doesn’t actually post the darn thing when the time arrives. Grr. Please pretend this appeared a week ago. I’m out now, and recovering; more from me as and when.]

I’ll be away for the next couple of weeks, as I go into hospital today for the second of my two lung operations. As an experiment, I’m going to leave blog comments on and see if I can fight off the spammers on my return.

I’m starting to amass a collection of words which aren’t so commonly applied to God or his attributes, and when they are they make you think about him in a slightly new way. The first is “detailed”, as applied to his sovereignty – which reminds you that he’s in control of absolutely everything. The second is “precise”, which reminds you that he carefully engineers events in exactly the way he wants. Today, I think I’ll also add “consistent”. Given how he’s supported me through the last operation, his consistency makes me absolutely confident that he’ll do so again. Give praise to the wonderfully consistent, precise God who exercises detailed, loving sovereignty over my life!

Look for another Times article in the next day or two. Search their site for Gerv; that usually turns them up :-)

3 thoughts on “Operation 2

  1. Enjoy reading your blog; I appreciate the fact that your faith is a part of who you are and thus is a part of your blog.

  2. I must say as Joel Meyer, I really do “appreciate the fact that your faith is a part of who you are and thus is a part of your blog”.

    I wish you God’s blessing and hope you’ll come back soon!