5 thoughts on “Why Software Can’t Bridge The Gaps

  1. Would it really take that much longer to write a program if programmers had to assert invariants, prove to the compiler that uses of pointer arithmetic are typesafe, and prove to the compiler that certain classes (e.g. strings) have completely correct behavior? It seems to me that while it would take a little longer to code, debugging time would be cut way down, running speed would be much better thanks to better optimizations being possible, and maintenance would be easier.

  2. The “Forth Road Bridge” … across the … Severn … for commuters in Fife?!

    (Rushes to Google Maps. Ah. Phew. No, the geography of the UK has not mysteriously transmogrified.)


    Hope you enjoyed Edinburgh (my home)!

  3. David: The Forth Road Bridge crosses from Fife to Edinburgh, doesn’t it? So commuters in Fife would be upset if you pinched it to make a second crossing of the Severn, right?

  4. OK. I get it. [Looking for my-brain-was-addled-after-a-long-day-that’s-my-story-and-I’m-sticking-to-it smiley…]

  5. How many major upgrades of your highway do you have during the year? I mean not the minor patches, but major changes of functionality.