Light Of Other Days

Reading science fiction is one of those things I’ve always thought I’d enjoy, but have never really had time for or got into. However, as a result of a tip-off at EuroFoo, I did come across Light Of Other Days, an excellent short story by Bob Shaw. Well worth a read, if you have ten minutes.

Does anyone know of other good sci-fi shorts available on-line?

8 thoughts on “Light Of Other Days

  1. You might find this a bit much if you’re not a habitual SF reader, but I think it chimes enough with the way you think to get over that: Greg Egan’s Orphanogenesis. It is short, available (legitimately) online, and absolutely mind-blowingly cool. It’s the first chapter of a novel which doesn’t quite live up to its coolness, and which is also probably not the place to start if you don’t generally read SF. But it was originally written as a short and works very well alone.

  2. Oh, and I’d forgotten that the whole of Charlie Stross’ Accelerando is online. I haven’t read all of it but the first chapter is another that works as a standalone story. You’ll like it just for the digs at Microsoft:

    Communist Russia is the only government still running on Microsoft, the central planning apparat being convinced that, if you have to pay for software, it must be worth something

    The kinds of people who are putting their stuff free online are by definition Open Source / Free Software geeks whose view of society and the future will probably appeal to you. I second the recommendation for Doctorow, in similar vein. Also, I’m intrigued to see what a real Evangelical Christian makes of the New Millennialists!