Radiotherapy Week 5

I apologise that this is late; I took the photos on time (almost) but I am using my housemate’s camera, he was away, and I couldn’t find the correct USB cable. (Whose bright idea was it to have so many standards for “mini USB”?)

This set was taken after my first treatment of the week; so you can see a bigger difference than you might expect between these photos and week 3. Almost all the hair in the treatment area has fallen out; what’s left is short and has been turned blonde by the process. The back of my ears are starting to go very red; it’s places like that, where the skin folds, where cracking happens first.

The uneven coverage you can see on the front might be partly due to the plastic mask; the skin tends to get redder in places where the mask has not been cut away. I’m not sure.

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