Radiotherapy Week 8

The next set of photos are up on the radiotherapy page.

I’ve made really good progress this week. Up until my appointment on Thursday, I was still wearing the Geliperm and so on, but then they changed it for something lighter. Most of the top layer of skin has peeled off on the top of the shoulder, but what’s left is in good shape and the redness is fading fast. It’s going to be a little while before the hair grows back, though.

People keep asking me when I’ll know whether all this trouble and inconvenience did any good – the answer to which, of course, is ‘not until the Second Coming’. If the cancer doesn’t come back in that area, well it might not have anyway. And if it does, well it might have come back earlier without the treatment. Or it might not. It’s impossible for us to tell. I might be tempted to despair, if I didn’t know that a loving, ruling God who cares about me personally was watching over the whole thing…

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