Title-based Tooltips Broken?

Firefox 2 on Linux – anyone else see title-attribute-based tooltips not working (e.g. hyperlinked bug numbers in Bugzilla comments)? I did a reduced test case and they just plain don’t display when I mouse over and wait.

Of course, any search to try and find the problem is swamped by lots of posts complaining about alt-attribute-based tooltips (correctly) not working…

18 thoughts on “Title-based Tooltips Broken?

  1. I often notice that tooltips on hyperlinked bug numbers in Bugzilla comments aren’t working, with SeaMonkey 1.1 and Firefox 2 on Windows XP. I’ve never gotten around to filing a bug report on it, though.

  2. Yeah, this sometimes happens to me too. I have to go over the link 3-4 times to have the toolbar displayed. But this is not systematic and I have no good testcase for it.

  3. Some self built versions of SeaMonkey 1.1b (between the alpha & beta releases, sorry don’t have dates) seemed to have this problem – though my current SeaMonkey 1.1 branch build (from around the time of the beta release) seems to be working fine.

  4. Does hovering over something in chrome with a tooltip (bookmarks toolbar?) make the problem go away? Last I checked, there was significant bugginess in the tooltip code that absolutely depended on a chrome tooltip coming up before any content tooltips could.

  5. Boris: Now that you mention it, they aren’t working in chrome either. I don’t get tooltips on my bookmarks toolbar, for example.

  6. Bug filed? Is this a regression on branch? There were some security fixes that could have affected this….

  7. Ahh.. on some site I visit regularly I made extensive use of the feature. Suddenly the feature disappeared, requiring me to make an extra through-click. I thought they had ‘dumbed down’ on features, but now that you mention it: the still have the title attribute, showing up nicely in IE6.
    Guess it’s related to my upgrading to FF 2.0 (Windows XP), thought I can’t confirm it. At least, also a test file shows the title in IE6 correctly and not in FF 2.0, so it’s consistent here…

  8. I haven’t made the 2.0 plunge yet. I rely heavily on a number of extensions to bring Firefox up to the standards of usability and featurefulness I require, so I’m giving extension developers a couple of months to get their stuff updated before I upgrade.

    It feels a little weird, saying that. I used to upgrade my browser several times a month, back in the 0.9.x days, but these days the way to a better browser is mostly via extensions.

  9. Solution found: I had browser.chrome.toolbar_tips set to false. This pref is rather badly named – it turns of all tooltips, not just the ones in chrome (which is what I wanted when I set it). Turning it back on fixed the problem.

  10. Thanks for this – been bugging me for a few hours – desktop and laptop installs behaving differently. Don’t remember explicitly switching this off, and can’t think why I would, but I, too, have been wallowing through ‘that’s not what ALT is for’ posts, until I came across your tip.


  11. Where is this browser.chrome.toolbar_tips setting found (relative newcomer to SeaMonkey here)?