400,000 Bug Sweepstake – Deadline Approaching

The entry deadline for the 400,000 bug sweepstake (entry instructions) is next Monday. Get your entries in now! It only takes a minute.

I’ve had quite a lot fewer entries for this contest than previous ones – and I can count on one hand the number of names I immediately recognise. Not a single MoCo or MoFo employee has entered. Is there some promotions-related law that no-one’s told me about that prevents them? Or are people just not bothered? Or do we need better prizes? :-)

6 thoughts on “400,000 Bug Sweepstake – Deadline Approaching

  1. Jesse: I have no information that tells me that they aren’t. Given that the prizes are “best efforts” – i.e. there’s no contract or obligation, then it shouldn’t fall under any gambling or gaming laws. So I think MoFo/MoCo employees should be fine to enter. But the fact that none have leads me to think that everyone else thinks different for some reason.