Weekly Status 2007-04-20

This Week

  • Carefully considered and wrote comments on GPLv3 draft 3, and sent them to the FSF; may publish them soon as well
  • Started to nail down procedure for getting certs included in root store and Firefox point releases; current plan is to check in and wait for next NSS point release
  • Filed technical inclusion bugs for first three CAs to complete evaluation (QuoVadis, DigiCert, GlobalSign)
  • Continued progress on sundry other CA applications – see Bugzilla
  • Started working on JSS-based tool to analyse certificates for flaws or concerns
  • Finished mozilla.feedback.* discussion; now waiting for new groups to be created
  • Took Thursday off to do personal stuff and have a chest CT scan (nothing untoward found)
  • Some SoC cleanup – trying to find homes for a few special unfunded projects

Next Week

  • More CA-related work
  • Finish certificate analysis tool
  • Teleconference with beltzner/johnath/window etc. about latest CA/Browser Forum draft

The Week After

  • Travel to Mountain View
  • Visit the MoCo office and various people therein
  • CA/Browser Forum meeting (Thu/Fri)
  • CHI conference, if there’s time
  • Travel on to Toronto on the Saturday
  • Meet with beltzner and johnath on the following Monday

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