LUGRadio Live 2007

LUGRadio Live is the Linux/free software community conference attached to the usually excellent (although sadly over-profane) LUGRadio podcast. This year, it’s in Wolverhampton, UK on the 7th/8th July.

I am speaking, along with many others; my talk is entitled “How To Win Every Argument”. To find out what that means, you’ll need to be there. There are also BOFs, demos, exhibitors, lightning talks and a live show recording.

It’s always a good laugh, so if you are in the UK and don’t have a wedding or other major uncancellable event that weekend, come on down.

One thought on “LUGRadio Live 2007

  1. It is actually my wedding that weekend so I won’t be there. I do hope to make it to GUADEC though.