Weekly Status 2007-05-25

This Week

  • Published output of Location Bar discussions
  • Booked all sorts of planes, trains and hotels for trips to the LUGRadio Live, the Paris Developer Day, SOUPS, Ubuntu Live and OSCON
  • Summarised different possible approaches for restricting content, and posted for discussion to newsgroup
  • Did another pass through CA cert applications (which took most of a day)
  • Made it possible for the 4 approved CAs to sign off on the test nssckbi.dll
  • Further EV conference calls and emails; Draft 20 is now up for vote as version 1.0 (earlier drafts: 19, 18, filenames continue as you would expect)
  • Tried to keep up with Alex Faaborg’s prolific output of UI mockups in dev.apps.firefox
  • Discussions with my SoC student (Edward Lee) about Link Fingerprints scope and implementation
  • Worked on what to do about stale review flags

Next Week

  • Book conference pass for OSCON and Ubuntu Live, and hotel for Paris Developer Day (when one is chosen)
  • Three more CAs need evaluating, following discussions about exactly what we require from audits, and whether government audits are acceptable (they are)
  • Draft a document outlining how a “CABF Problem Reporting Committee” might work (this is for reporting attempts to fraudulently obtain certificates, in order to reinforce the guidelines)

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