SeaMonkey Moves To Toolkit

Congratulations to the SeaMonkey project who, with the fixing of bug 328887, have ported SeaMonkey to run on top of the new XUL toolkit used by Firefox and Thunderbird.

When it was decided to end-of-life the Mozilla Suite 2 years ago, and a group of volunteers formed to start the SeaMonkey project, there was a certain amount of scepticism in some quarters that they would succeed. There was a great deal of work to be done, with the move to toolkit being a very large piece of that – but vital if the project were to have a long term future, rather than being a dead-end fork on top of ageing and unmaintained core code.

With SeaMonkey at version 1.1.1, and now with the new-toolkit-based SeaMonkey 2 in the pipeline, I think we can safely say that those doubts have proved groundless. My warmest congratulations to the entire team. I hope Mozpad (Hey! Cute kitten!), which has formed in similar circumstances, has similar success.

One thought on “SeaMonkey Moves To Toolkit

  1. Thanks Gerv for this article – we’re trying daily to prove the doubts groundless, and one day after switching the bleeding edge development trunk we’re updating the current stable series to SeaMonkey 1.1.2 – all of which is only possible due to a vibrant and broad community and the great support of Mozilla Foundation through infrastructure and legal backing, both which I’d like to thank in the name of the SeaMonkey project.