The Value of PageRank

This might be an interesting data point for SEO watchers. I was recently emailed by an advertising agency, offering me payment for a link to one of their clients, since “their product is quite relevant to your theme”. After a few exchanges, I established that they were in the medical/insurance sector, and the fee would be £50/$100 (I didn’t attempt to negotiate upwards). Another back and forth elicited that the client would have been Norwich Union. (Oops, is that a rel=’nofollow’ I spy there? Sorry, chaps.)

While I was curious, that’s not really something I would ever do. After all, my Yes should be Yes and my No should be No; I shouldn’t and wouldn’t endorse products I didn’t have or companies of which I am not a customer, because my Yes would be a “Don’t Know”.

But it’s interesting. Given that presumably you need quite a few links to establish good PageRank, £50 like a fair amount of money. And it’s slightly odd, given that the front page of has a PR of only 5, and this blog has one of 7. Those aren’t all that good, are they?

I should probably have asked what the link text would have been, to find out what term they were trying to promote themselves for. Ah, well.

3 thoughts on “The Value of PageRank

  1. Page rank of 7 is very good. And a link on a few pages with PR7 for �50? Cheap.

    Are all links out of your site rel=”nofolow”? I wonder how much notice google takes of that attribute now. Every blog on the planet has that attribute in the anchor, and some of those links are actually relevant, so google must be missing good content.


  2. IIRC rel=’nofollow’ actually means rel=’followbutdontincludeitinpagerank’