You Couldn’t Make It Up

Serbia has become chair of the Council of Europe (the EU’s main human rights watchdog) despite recently being found to have violated the Convention on Genocide for hiding General Radko Mladic. Zimbabwe has become chair of the Commission on Sustainable Development at the UN, despite having an inflation rate of 2,200% per year and agricultural exports halving in the last three years.

What’s next? North Korea joining the UN Security Council? These bodies are making themselves a laughing stock because it’s Buggin’s turn.

P.S. Check this out on the Council of Europe website:

Member States
The Council of Europe has a genuine pan-European dimension:

  • 47 member countries
  • 1 applicant country: Belarus; Belarus ‘ special guest status has been suspended due to its lack of respect for human rights and democratic principles.

So it’s only OK to shield genocidal maniacs once you’re safely a member?

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