Weekly Status 2007-05-11

This Week

  • In Toronto on Monday and Tuesday
  • Met with beltzner and johnath; CABForum debriefing and other issues
  • Put together list of three concerns we still have with draft 17 (400k .doc)
  • Tentative agreement on what to do with Location Bar; look for more this week
  • Flew home on Tuesday/Wednesday; took the rest of Wednesday off with jet lag
  • Joined discussion prompted by Max’s blog post about potentially rewriting Bugzilla in another language (a bad plan IMO)
  • Asked Kai to look into making OCSP requests use GET, so they are cacheable
  • Triage of Governance bugs with Frank and Zak via teleconference; got the list down from 46 to 18
  • Filed bugs to track potential changes to CA Certificate Policy

Next Week

  • Publish output of Location Bar discussions
  • Book Eurostar tickets for Developer Day in Paris on June 23rd
  • Summarise different possible approaches for restricting content, and post for discussion to newsgroup
  • (Finally) do another pass through CA cert applications
  • Make it so the CAs I’ve approved can sign off on the inclusion

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