FOSDEM Writeup

FOSDEM was fantastic – I met for the first time several people I’ve known for many years (e.g. Hakan Waara, Henrik Gemal) and got a lot of work done. Prompted by KaiRo’s talk, the scripts to enable the Bugzilla Reorganisation (moving components, that sort of thing) are now written and being reviewed. So as soon as Firefox 3 ships, we can hopefully move on that.

I particularly want to thank the OpenSUSE folks for taking pity on us, and agreeing to trade our 100-seater low-ceilinged room (“”), which we had packed out, for their 150-seater raked auditorium which they weren’t using all of. Philip has assured us that he is going to give us back a large room next year, so thanks in advance to him as well :-)

5 thoughts on “FOSDEM Writeup

  1. Gerv, additionally to the reorganization bug, what should we do with bug 387230? Shall I ask each module owner for their preferences and create a similar list or it’s better to wait until the reorganization will be finished?

  2. Bigger devrooms are very, very high on the list of things we need to optimize next year. There are a lot of very nice rooms in the U building which we’ve not been using because it would be a pain to get them connected and sign-posted. That pain is definitely preferable to boiling developers though.

    Look forward to next year. :-) And thanks for being there, and the other Mozillians too!

  3. Yay on the news about bmo reorg scripts! Nice to see such a talk can have some effect ;-)

    Oh, and I fully agree, it was a great conference – and when the whole Mozilla crowd walked through half of FOSDEM at once for taking the group photo outside, it almost felt like a Mozilla invasion force was assembled :)

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