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For the last year or so, I’ve been buying some online backup storage from the excellent folks at rsync.net. Their support pages and website shows every sign of their being a company with a great deal of clue, I like the way they do business:

All support is handled by engineers. No first level techs or ticket systems.

NO data will EVER be released to LEAs/TLAs without direct order by court with jurisdiction.

and they offer a wide variety of useful access methods, such as rsync, SVN, FTP and WebDAV. There’s even a discount for free software developers. Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Quick Plug

  1. Interesting offering. I like the feature set (rsync, svn, ftp, webdav). Though I prefer the pricing model of Amazon’s S3, which I currently use with JungleDisk. I add extra encryption to certain files as necessary, but overall it does a decent job.

    S3 is pretty redundant (minus last weeks hiccup) with redundancy in multiple DC’s. rsync.net cost: $2.80/GB/mo. S3 is $0.15/GB/mo. Though with Amazon you pay for data transfer and requests, though I still do well under $2.80/GB. I’d say with my data I’m doing

  2. Your post came just as I needed it…

    DUMP: 14.71% done, finished in 6:16 at Thu Feb 21 23:29:02 2008

    Tape backups have been getting on my nerves for a while. I guess rsync.net has a new discounted customer coming up. :-)

    Be sure to get a beer or similar substance from me at FOSDEM for your reseller comission. *grin*

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