Session Saving on Ubuntu Intrepid

I thought it was just me who didn’t have session saving working in Ubuntu Intrepid, and seemed to always be getting crash recovery dialogs. Seems not. a) How could they let this into the release, and b) why on earth haven’t they fixed it in an update? The mind boggles…

3 thoughts on “Session Saving on Ubuntu Intrepid

  1. I’m used to Mac OS X logout telling apps to quit, so I often log out on Ubuntu without quitting Firefox first. However, Ubuntu seems to kill Firefox in that case, so I get Firefox’s crash recovery dialog.

    Another annoying thing is that closing the last Firefox browser window does not mean “quit” on Ubuntu for the purpose of saving the Firefox session if the download window is open.

  2. Henri, simply telling the apps to quit isn’t good enough. You have to wait for them to actually quit. This can be rather annoying if you have a program (like evolution) that syncs stuff over the network before exiting.

    Also, I thing the download window thing is purely a Firefox problem and has nothing to do with platform.

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