Bugzilla API 0.6 Released

Version 0.6 of the Bugzilla REST API has been released.

New In 0.6

  • Include and exclude fields support, so you can define exactly what data you want each call to return;
  • Cookie auth – if you have access to a user’s existing Bugzilla login cookie information, you can use that instead of prompting them for a username and password;
  • Performance improvements for /configuration call, with recent Bugzillas (not yet available on bugzilla.mozilla.org);
  • Addition of comments with attachment updates now works properly.

Compatibility Notes

  • Some of the previous methods of including and excluding specific fields no longer work, although “attachmentdata=1” is still supported as a shorthand;
  • Versions 0.4.1 and below had a security issue[0] which could, under some circumstances, allow one user to impersonate another. These versions are now disabled on the server, and the bug has been opened.

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