The App Store and Stockholm Syndrome

It appears that “Apple approves an application, when we thought they might not” is front page news. Thank you, all powerful application overlord, for your unending generosity. How shall we ever repay you?

(Thanks to mdwh2 and the_one_wesp for the initial observations.)

3 thoughts on “The App Store and Stockholm Syndrome

  1. I thought it was more telling when after they introduced a totally new and abitrary rule, someone in a forum said “well it won’t affect you if you’ve been following the rules all along”. (Note for those not following the drama, these rules had only existed for about 48 hours).

    It was quite a frightening example of distancing yourself from the people who had displeased those in power. There’s also the similar meme of “*real* iPhone developers” where all of a sudden those who break the rule are considered as different from, and somehow lesser than, those who (currently) aren’t breaking any rules.

  2. Well the story is really that “Apple users now have an alternative way to browse the web other than the built in browser” which is worthy of front page news (and surely something a supporter of choice would approve of.

    (Yes, we may want even more choice, AND FREEDOMS, but this small step is news nonetheless).

  3. Heh, being grateful for the scraps an “all powerful overlord” lets you have (while hopefully not smiting you) is the crux of many enduring social phenomena.

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