Ordnance Survey Opens Data

Awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. First great thing: we can finally have decent postcode geocoding in the UK for free maps like OpenStreetMap. And, in time, I’m sure the UK will have the best free map on the planet. (Although I know the Germans are working hard.)

Did I mention this was awesome?

6 thoughts on “Ordnance Survey Opens Data

  1. Bah!

    Malaysia (including Singapore and Brunei) has the best free maps in the world. They are so good commercial GPS providers can’t compete. We have two insanely competitive groups of free-mappers who crawl all over a new major road within hours of opening.


  2. Are you sure that the data is better than the tiger import in OSM ?
    Postcodes and borders are something that should really help because you can’t map it on the ground.

  3. matti: The Tiger data can be up to 100m out. The Ordnance Survey data is the best in the world for the UK. Some of it is accurate to a few cm, although we haven’t got it quite to that resolution. Believe me, it’s good :-)


  4. Ordnance Survey? From the name that sounds like it would be an enumeration of where there are explosives and in what kind of quantity, but the information on the site you linked to makes it sound more like the British equivalent of the US Geological Survey, or somesuch.

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