6 thoughts on “Faster Than Lightning

  1. @David Naylor: It’s about browser and rendering speed, not about ISP/network speed. So it’s not a shame and I wouldn’t call it a fake.

  2. I object to Neowin calling that a “fake” in the same way that I object to people calling tool-assisted speedruns of videogames “fakes”. When you’re demonstrating the rendering speed of Chrome, on a complete copy of an actual website, not loading from the internet is not “faking” it, it’s just ignoring something irrelevant.

    I do wish the video notes had not said “15 MBPS internet connection” because I think that muddies the waters significantly.

    I happen to think that rendering a website as fast as these ones did is worth being happy about. Back in 2006 when we were testing, we used the old Mozilla Page Cycler suite to test WebKit vs. Gecko (at the time) and that was all about rendering speed. In the four years since, of course, both have gotten faster.

    I also happen to think this video is pretty cool. Our marketing team is indeed awesomesauce.

  3. Preed: I suspect they would say something like “The Chrome team can produce flashy ads, but we have a massive grassroots movement of wonderful people, who love our browser, doing our marketing for us. They’ll still be there when this video has passed from the public eye.”

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