IE 6 User Wanted

Believe it or not, I am looking for someone who uses (or perhaps, has access to for testing purposes :-) a copy of Windows XP running the standard IE 6 it shipped with – before XP SP2, which made a number of changes. If you are that person, and would be willing to help me with a little research (5 minutes) then please get in touch. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “IE 6 User Wanted

  1. If you need pre-SP2, I’m pretty sure you’re looking for a developer (possibly a web developer) with a test rig, which will probably be VM-based. Anybody else with a pre-SP2 XP system at this point probably has eleven different kinds of malware that would invalidate any testing you have them do (unless it’s a non-networked system, which won’t help you either).

  2. Dan: I tried installing Internet Explorer Collection on my housemate’s PC. It behaved mostly like IE 6, but not in the particular way I wanted. So I need someone with the original.

  3. Hey Gerv,

    Not sure if this is 100% what you’re after, but IEs4Linux installs IE6 in Wine in an emulated Windows 98 environment, so whatever Microsoft changed in SP2 will quite possibly not apply to IEs4Linux. Worth a try.

    Assuming you use Linux.


  4. I think I’ve got a Windows 98 SE VM kicking around somewhere if that would help — I presume it wouldn’t be terribly hard to drop IE 6 onto it, assuming the Windows 98 version is similar to that which shipped with XP.

  5. Maybe not exactly what you asked for, but I’ve got a version 6.00.2800.1106 currently running on Win 98SE. It appears I threw away the distribution disk, unfortunately.

  6. There’s a thief running around with the PC stolen from my work a few months ago W2K and IE5

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