Mitchell on “Click”

Mitchell appeared on the latest episode of the BBC’s “Click”. The interview is about principles just as much as product, which is really cool.

The interview starts at 10′ 25″ and runs to 16′ 08″ (just under 6 minutes).

Thanks to Dan Cater for the tip, in the comments of my previous post.

6 thoughts on “Mitchell on “Click”

  1. I thought she came across very well, but they could have been a bit better in their research. They confused plugins and extensions quite a lot, calling ColorfulTabs a plugin instead of an extension. They also seemed to claim that the customisability was due solely to Firefox being open-source, and that this lead to crashes. And then I think they were referring to the upcoming OOPP in 3.6.4 when they talked about trying to fix that, but it wasn’t clear.

  2. Astonishing, for an “open” Web, that the BBC media player apparently runs in the UK only …

  3. UK proxies work very well with the iPlayer, for those who are, like myself, outside that country.

  4. Man.. They really messed it up, confusing plugins with extensions… Lol… A bit of bad publicity to scare away the bad costumers we don’t really want :P

    Not bad, not bad…

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