OpenTech Interview

I was interviewed at the OpenTech conference by about Mozilla, and the importance of the open web:

(This should be an HTML5 WebM embed if your browser supports it. Join the YouTube HTML5 beta to get more vids in HTML5.)

I had no prior knowledge of what the questions would be and so was shooting from the hip in a couple of cases. Some of my market share figures are perhaps a little off – I underestimated Chrome and overestimated IE. And when I say “it sucks to be South Korean right now”, of course I meant in the very limited context of having freedom of choice in browsers :-))

7 thoughts on “OpenTech Interview

  1. @Gerv @Wladimir: dunno whose fault it is, but at some point during the interview, the speech rate was just crazy. Both Gerv and the other guy were far above the normal comprehension rate of a non-native english speaker barely used to UK accent… I had no problems myself understanding you but had a thought for your other visitors on this blog.

  2. Daniel: OK, although to be fair, the interview was conducted at an English conference for a native-English-speaking audience, rather than for the audience of this blog :-) I put it up in case people were interested.

    I talk fast when I’m excited and passionate about something :-) So at FOSDEM, for example, I try much harder to slow down.

  3. anyone else thrown off by the fact that if the interviewer is talking, he’s full screen, and if Gerv’s talking, he’s shrunk to that little box, with the majority of screen estate being black and a silent video?

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