GSoC 2011 Project List

The Google Summer of Code kicked off a week ago, and I am pleased to list the projects being done under the Mozilla banner. The name of each student is linked to the location where they will be posting weekly updates on their progress, if you want to follow along with a project you are interested in. And I’m sure they would appreciate any help or advice you have :-) Please make them feel welcome!

Project Student Mentor
Non-solid border rendering improvements Anil Shanbhag fantasai
WebCL add-on Adrien Plagnol Anant Narayanan
Implement JDK7 InvokeDynamic in Rhino Phani Rohit Mullangi Hannes Wallnöfer
Further Scalarization of Trace Segments in Tracemonkey Igor Rafael David Mandelin
HTML Speech API implementation Roshan Vidyashankar Olli Pettay
Full offline mode for Lightning Mohit Singh Kanwal Ludovic Marcotte
Improvements for the New Calendar Wizard Lennart Bublies Philipp Kewisch
Integrate Transifex l10n platform for Extensions Tim Babych Zbigniew Braniecki
Javascript implementation of the XMPP protocol Varuna Jayasiri Florian Quèze
JPEG XR Library Chris Harding Jeff Muizelaar
MediaWiki parser in Python Peter Potrowl Erik Rose
Tilt: a WebGL-based 3D visualization of a web page Victor Porof Rob Campbell

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