Air Mozilla Awesomeness

Air Mozilla recently got an upgrade, with HD cameras in 10 Forward (the main meeting space in the Mountain View office), direct feeds from the projector, video mixing and WebM streaming. The result is much clearer video, in HD if you want it (1280×720 if your internet connection can handle 2.5Mbit/s), slides you can actually read mixed in alongside that video, far fewer A/V problems, being able to actually see the faces of new people and, in general, a much more pleasant meeting experience. If you’ve given up attending the Monday project meeting due to technical issues, I urge you to give it another go :-)

Kudos to Jono, Asa, Tiffney, the Mozilla IT team, and anyone else involved along the way in making this all happen.

2 thoughts on “Air Mozilla Awesomeness

  1. Zachary Burt: No problem. Air Mozilla is Mozilla’s live (and, I believe, sometimes recorded) broadcasting system. You can see it spring to life during the the project-wide Weekly Updates, and also at other times if there is a lecture or similar event. Otherwise, you’ll just see a blank video window and a chat window.

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