Kudos to Lenovo

The screen on my new Lenovo X220 laptop stopped showing a picture just before our holiday (my external screen still worked fine) and so I sent it off under warranty to Lenovo. They did such a good job on it that I’m moved to write a blog post in praise of them.

  • Everyone I talked to on the phone (after minimal holding time) was both helpful and well-informed about the situation
  • The workshop called me to get the model number to make sure they had the right replacement screen, even before the unit arrived with them
  • They fixed the screen (possible unseated cable)
  • They fixed the cracked screen bezel, even though it may not have been covered under warranty
  • When I rang up to ask how it was going, the lady went away, found out and called me back a few hours later to let me know
  • I told them I had a deadline due to a foreign trip, and despite it being faster than their guaranteed turn-around time, they got it back to me a day before the deadline, next-day delivery
  • They didn’t charge me a penny

I’ve been a Thinkpad user for about a decade now but this is the first one I’ve ever bought new. Based on this experience, I’ll be using their kit for some time yet. (And they run Linux very well.)

2 thoughts on “Kudos to Lenovo

  1. No kidding. Recently my Thinkpad’s space bar crapped out on me; when I called support they sent me a new keyboard immediately with next-day shipping- pretty much no questions asked. I am so used to having to make complicated arguments and do a lot of complaining to get companies to do any kind of warranty service at all that I was shocked.

  2. Thinkpads are still standard issue for IBM employees. And there are lots of Linux geeks within IBM. Thus, they make sure that Linux is well supported on Thinkpads.

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