Click-to-Play for ALL Plugins?

Currently, Firefox Nightly makes all plugins click-to-play. Except that it doesn’t – the latest version of Flash is exempt and I, like a good net citizen, have the latest version. I disabled Flashblock in order to test CTP… is there any way of getting CTP on ALL, as in all, plugins except by re-enabling Flashblock? Do Flashblock and CTP interact well?

10 thoughts on “Click-to-Play for ALL Plugins?

  1. Aha! Thank you. I searched the web (including SUMO) for a while looking for this, but did not find it.

  2. Is there a way to do this in Aurora (v22)? I didn’t find anything, in contrast to v23, where I found the options you (Robert) mentioned.

  3. I did it by going to about:config and setting plugins.click_to_play to true. That worked even before CTP was on by default for ANY plugins, and it still seems to work today.

  4. It’s true in my install as well, but that didn’t seem to stop my Flash from starting by default. So perhaps the meaning of that pref has changed?

  5. That’s in the nightly builds?? Thank goodness!

    I turned off Flashblock because Flash was loading and locking up Firefox anyway just behind the flashblock logo. (I am running the current release of Firefox). My experience was that it was just hiding flash content rather than really stopping it from loading unless I wanted it.

  6. Ah, so that explains why my PC felt so slow – Flash had been automatically re-enabled. Thanks for the heads-up!

  7. There’s also about:permissions > Default Permissions for All Sites > Plugins > Always Ask, or of course you can choose to enable them for individual sites.

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