One thought on “Don’t Be Intolerant

  1. This actually reads like you’re trying to justify your stance regarding this.

    Are you?

    Do you think people will tell you off only because you believe in the “wrong thing”? In my opinion, people simply don’t care what you believe. I certainly don’t. But you’re a rather interesting person to have a conversation with, so there…

    I wonder why, after all these years with no one disagreeing with you or discriminating against you, you post this? (this is not an ironic question, by the way, I am honestly curious).

    Do you feel oppressed by other people’s potential opinions?

    I believe there’s really no need to feel this way. Both our opinions are equally valid, though we disagree with each other’s opinion.

    I am really curious why you can’t get that topic out of your mind… Sounds like you think about this rather often… You can’t change other people’s opinions about you, anyway…

    On a related note: What’s your opinion regarding the refugee crisis? Are you comfortable with the amount of Muslims that just arrived in your country? And, at the same time, do you accept them as equals, or do you think less of them because of their “wrong” (in your opinion) religion? Would you go as far as interacting with them, asking them how they like the UK, etc.?

    In case this read like a hostile question, it wasn’t. Again, I am just curious.

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